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The play narrates the trajectory of four young people who leave their hometown and move to a big city in search of getting closer to their dreams. The performance takes place inside a scenographic apartment, a student accommodation¹, which like so many others, passes through rough times. Within this everyday ordinary life universe of working to support the accounts, they crack the common logic by signing up for a band contest, without even never playing a single instrument, depositing in the prize for the best band, a solution to maintain the student accommodation. #Republic is a young theater piece made by young people, for young people


¹Republic in Portuguese can also refer to a specie of student accommodation, fraternity, sorority, or dorm. In this case, the play makes a wordplay with the polysemic meeting of the word.

Running time: 75 minutes

Rating: PG-13

watch the full play.

#Republic is the first Coletivo 302's play and is a result of a project approved by the Government of  São Paulo, through a public financial incentive culture program (ProAc 03/2016), a reward directed only for new groups and plays. Thought for young audiences, the performance presentations were part of an action strategy to occupy an underused deposit, Galpão Cultural.

Directed by Douglas Lima and Lucas Bêda, #Republic made its first season from June 02nd to 25th of 2017, performing 13 shows to a full house every night, receiving an average of 800 people. Still, in the same project, the play embarked on a tour over five cities with industrial characteristics, dialoguing with high school youth. In September of 2017 made part of the 59th Festa - Santos Theater Festival (Brazil/SP). In 2018, making part of the Circuito Cultural Paulista, a program for cultural diffusion and audience formation, promoted by the State Government of São Paulo and promoted by APAA, 302 offered three performances in the countryside of the state. In April of the same year, the group was invited to join a meeting, promoted by Sesc Santos, an important Brazilian institution, to dialogue about territorial actions in a program aimed for the youth, and since this event, all its members have been invited to give free art workshops to this social project. In June, without any financial helping, organized a new season in Cubatão with more free performances, presented over ten nights, launching the system "pay how much you can". In October, performing at the 16th edition of Festac - Cubatão Theater Festiva (Brazil/SP), totaling in the year of debut: 31 performances in 9 different cities, and an average audience of 2,000 people.

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cast and crew

Directors: Douglas Lima and Lucas Beda | Music Director: Andrea Doria | Lyricist: Sander Newton | Pedagogical Coordinator: Sandy Andrade | Dramaturgy: Collective 302 | Dramaturge: Paulo de Tarso | Scenographers: Lucas Beda and Matheus Lípari | Costume designer: Douglas Lima | Lighting Designer: Juliana Souza | Lighting technician: Matheus Lípari | Sound technician: Andrea Doria | Accounting Supervisor: Allana Santos |Producer: Coletivo 302 | Cast: Allana Santos, Douglas Lima, Sander Newton, Sandy Andrade

ficha técnica 

Direção: Douglas Lima e Lucas Bêda | Dramaturgia: Coletivo 302 | Finalização Dramatúrgica: Paulo de Tarso | Performers: Allana Santos, Sandy Andrade, Douglas Lima e Sander Newton | Direção Musical: Andrea Doria | Composição original: Sander Newton | Cenografia: Lucas Bêda e Matheus Lípari | Figurino: Douglas Lima | Desenho de Luz e técnica Luz: Juliana Souza | Técnico e operador de luz: Juliana Sousa e Matheus Lípari | Técnica de som: Andrea Doria | Contraregragem: Alisse Flora, Julio Chagas, Marcelo Baldez, Michael Alves, Rafael Almeida e Coletivo 302 | Produção executiva: Allana Santos | Produção Geral: Coletivo 302

technical rider

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